Our Beginnings

Torah Academy of Milwaukee started in 1991 with five girls and a group of parents dedicated to establishing a school that would provide their daughters with an excellent Judaic and secular education without having to leave Milwaukee.

With Dr. Bernard Cohen as President and Mrs. Sora Rauch as Principal and lead teacher, a sense of pioneering and unity pervaded every class and activity. The girls studied with dedication, achieved academic success, and were able to attend their seminaries and colleges of choice with no obstacles.

Those early years of commitment and accomplishments have set the standards that continue to guide everything we do at TAM.

As we have grown from a school of five to almost sixty young women, we enjoy the same feelings of closeness, excitement and unity that we felt in our first year. At TAM we make it a point to build close relationships with our students. Our academic statistics have continued to improve with graduates attending the best seminaries and colleges and entering numerous technical and professional fields.

~Mrs. Sora Rauch, Principal

Our Building

The windows of our beautiful home enhance every room and allow us to experience the enjoyment of the seasons. If you’d like to visit the building that brings us pride, come and walk its corridors, step into the state-of-the art classrooms, daven facing the Jerusalem stone in its Tefilla room and relax in the students’ colorful and comfortable lounge, call us to take a tour!