We deeply appreciate all gifts we receive. Since 1991, we have been blessed with the ability to offer a quality Orthodox Jewish education to the young women in our community, even to those students whose financial situations may have otherwise precluded them from attending TAM. We have faith that with your support we will provide the quality education that meets our standards for generations to come.

Why Invest in TAM?

Torah Academy of Milwaukee is essential in assuring the continuance of a vibrant Orthodox Jewish Community by providing a superior, accredited religious and secular education for young women.

Torah Academy of Milwaukee School for Girls, Inc. participates in Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program, which allows low- to moderate-income students residing in the city of Milwaukee to attend any participating private school if certain eligibility requirements are met. A state aid payment is received for each eligible student.

Currently, 41 out of our 57 students are eligible to receive state aid, but these funds only cover about 64% of what it cost us to provide the quality education that will allow our young women and their families to thrive.

Please consider a donation to help us fulfill our mission.

Ways to Give

There are several giving options to invest in Torah Academy of Milwaukee:

Donations (in-kind and financial)

Your gift has an immediate impact on the life of a young woman and provides much-needed funds during a time when so many families urgently need help to continue their daughters’ Jewish education.

An Endowment Gift is a promise made by our generation to the next, that a high-quality Jewish high school education will be here for our young women, their daughters, and their children’s daughters. In contributing to the Endowment this year, you can ensure that the young women of our community receive a gift on your behalf every year, throughout your lifetime and beyond. By dedicating specific Capital Gifts to Torah Academy of Milwaukee, you provide additional resources for generations to come while creating a permanent and meaningful naming dedication.

Please call (414) 352-6789 for more information.

On behalf of our students, families and community – Thank You!